What is Internet Fax? Internet Faxing enables you to send and receive faxes from your existing email account, without a fax machine. These services bridge the gap between traditional faxes and the new world of Internet-based communications. Internet faxing provides you with the capability to send or receive faxes over the Internet. You can now forget about the hassles of dealing with traditional fax equipment no more paper jams, no waiting by the fax machine, no more paper, no extra phone lines or maintenance.

Personal Fax Provider, myFax, RingCentral, MetroFAX and eFax®*are leading providers of Internet faxing services. These services enable users to receive faxes via email (fax-to-email) using a local or toll-free 'virtual' fax number. Users can also send faxes from their email (email-to-fax). Below is a comparison of these top Virtual Fax services.

Company Cost Main Advantages Standard Features
Personal Fax Provider
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Personal Fax Provider
No signup fee
$3.95/mo very low volume
$7.95/mo small volume
$9.95/mo standard plan
$19.95/mo high volume plan
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Personal Fax Provider offers the most affordable plans for low volume usage monthly customers as well as higher volume usage plans.
Offers Outlook Fax Plugin and a tool to send faxes from any Windows application.
Best low volume plans available - only 3.95/month when paid Yearly. Also, a lower-volume 7.95/month plan Local/Toll-Free Numbers. PFP offers Yearly payment plans with a discount - which brings down the equivalent monthly payments.
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No signup fee
$10 per month
10 cents per page after Free pages.
Toll-Free #s no extra charge
200 Free Pages Receiving.
100 Free Pages Sending.
Special Offer: Buy 2 Months Get the 3rd FREE
MyFax is offered by Protus IP Services - a very professional and reliable company dedicated to offering virtual communication services. They have a large English speaking support team available 24/7/365. MyFax provides all the high-end features - including a comprehensive login-to-your-account site. MyFax is the 2nd largest provider of Internet faxing services. Toll-Free fax numbers provided in North America free of charge. Local numbers in most major area codes. Local/Toll Free Numbers. Also offer a PBX solution.
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No signup fee
$14.99 per month ($119.88/yr)
6.7 cents per page after Free pages.
100 Free Pages Sending/Receiving.

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Toll-Free and Local fax numbers provided in North America free of charge. The rich menu of business features of RingCentral Online is unmatched in the industry and provides advanced functions. RingCentral combines a toll-free or local number with advanced call management, PBX, voicemail and Internet fax Voice Mail included. RingCentral is fully integrated with Microsoft Office so you can fax directly from Word or Excel by clicking the RingCentral fax icon on your toolbar. True 1-800 numbers.

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$12.95 Per Month.
1000 included pages per month
3 cents per page thereafter.
No contract.
$9.95 Activation
Toll-Free $2 extra per month per line. Large number of included fax pages (1,000 total /month.) Low per page cost after included pages (3 cents.) Cost Effective - Just $12.95 per month saves you the hassle of fax machines, long-distance charges, additional phone lines, and it reduces paper costs!
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$16.95 per month
For Local numbers: 130 free pages receiving and 30 free pages sending- (15¢/page receiving overage and 10¢/page sending overage)
For TollFree numbers: No Free pages - all receiving pages are 20¢/page receiving and 10¢/page sending.
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eFax by J2 Global is the pioneer in the industry. They were the first to offer this service over 20 years ago. They are also the largest provider of services (over 11 million customers) with service offerings in many countries overseas (45 countires and 6 continents.) Receive faxes at up to 5 different email addresses.
Responsive Customer Service
Multiple Users included with most accounts
Online fax storage for 1 year with most plans
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    RingCentral (Privately Held) - RingCentral Company Info
    J2 Global - eFax (Nasdaq: JCOM - Public) - Yahoo, Google, J2 Global Company Info

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Internet Fax (also known as e fax, email fax, online fax, and digital fax) utilizes an internet fax service provider to convert a facsimile transmission into a digital file that can be received via email and vice versa. Internet fax services bridge the gap between the older fax technology, which is well established in today's business environment, and email transmission of documents. In the simplest terms, when you sign up with an internet fax service, you will be assigned a dedicated fax phone number that will convert incoming faxes to email attachments that are automatically sent to your email address. The majority of these services also allow you to send attachments (like Word documents, PDF's, or pictures) to physical fax numbers that are received just as if you had sent them using a standard fax machine. Most internet fax services will send you your documents in a number of different file formats, such as TIF or PDF files.

Why use an internet fax service? - Source of information:
Lower Cost: Typically the monthly fee you pay an internet fax service is less than the cost of a dedicated phone line, and you have no long distance charges. In addition, you don't have to own a fax machine, which also means you don't have to buy paper or toner. Even if you decide to print your faxes, you can still delete junk faxes or other documents you do not need to keep, which will reduce consumption of materials.

More efficient use of time: Many carriers allow you to set up multiple receive emails, so your faxes are automatically delivered to whomever you choose. Because you are receiving faxes via email, you will also receive them on email enabled PDA's. You can then review faxes and take action.

More reliable: You will no longer have to deal with the limitation of your phone line or fax machines. This means no busy signals, no running out of paper, no paper jams, etc.

Environmentally Responsible: Reducing consumption not only reduces costs, it's the responsible thing to do for the environment. Printing every junk fax or bad transmission creates trash and costs money.

Security: Most internet fax services support high level encryption technology. Furthermore, you can designate which email addresses faxes are sent to, which is significantly more secure than having sensitive documents sit in a shared fax machine.

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